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Hershberger's Farm

Known for its expansive bakery and aisles of fresh produce, from seasonal fruits and vegetables to mountains of fresh fry pies, savory bread and doughnuts, Hershberger’s is a destination for many who travel to Amish Country for the atmosphere and the edible pleasures. However, at Hershberger’s there is much more.

Enter into their new leather shop and then go to the far side of the room into their new Antique Farm Store. The Antiques will be sure to delight your interest and persuade you to peruse every corner. From grandmas cast iron Griswold frying pans to grandpas old farm tools in the shed they have it all. It really provides high end antiques at an affordable price, the stuff you can’t find at a normal antique store. These items come from all over the country.

A trip to Hershberger’s Farm is a Holmes County highlight for many people who have now made it a destination. It is a visit which will have the entire family anticipating their next trip to Amish Country, when they can once again excite all of their senses. Whether that’s your taste in foods or antiques.

When it comes to mouth-watering pastries, fresh baked goods, home-grown seasonal produce and family friendly Animal Farm, few can match the taste of Amish country as the Hershberger’s Farm provides.

Hershberger's Farm

5452 State Route 557

Millersburg, Ohio 44654

Call us at 330-674-6096

Store: 8AM - 5PM, Mon - Sat, Closed Sun
Farm: 10AM - 5PM,  Mon - Sat, Closed Sun

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